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Avon Bellamy
Avon Bellamy

By Avon Bellamy

(BALTIMORE - March 25, 2009) - Conservative radio and broadcast media hosts are acting like little more than modern day electronic klansmen doing the bidding of the Republican corporate elite; a bunch of digitized, college-degreed corporate whores cheering for the downfall of our nation that is now under the leadership of Barack Obama (I think I can again hear the cries of “Kill him!” shouted at some of the McCain/Palin Republican rallies).

Some of these so-called conservative media apologists for the Republican Party have lost their minds. One is screaming for the Obama Administration to fail. Is this fool aware that the failure of this administration will mean the destruction of the world economic system? Is he so sick a soul that he would sacrifice everyone in the world because the philosophy he serves is a failed one, and that he and those who think like him turned free enterprise over to a bunch of corporate swines who allowed greed, and not honorable economic principles, to rule the day as they enhanced personal fortunes at the expense of us all?  What kind of madness does it take to justify actions like these?


Another of these self-indulged losers is inciting his followers to rebel against the duly authorized government of the United States, basically fermenting and agitating for secession and armed revolution. I thought inciting sedition was a punishable crime. I guess that doesn’t apply to mainstream media whores sounding the drum for radical conservatism the Republican way.


I am reminded of the way rich plantation owners used the KKK at the end of the Civil War when former slaves, having gained an education and public trust, were taking on positions of authority in the state and federal governments – the era of Percy Pinchback and Hiram Revels both congressional representatives, one in the Senate, the other in the House of Representatives - representing Mississippi and Louisiana.


These rich men, who wouldn’t think of riding onto some ex-slaves property to burn a cross or deliver a savage beating or lynch him to keep the rest of their former slaves in line kept their hands clean from that kind of work by contracting with poor whites looking to curry favor with them - their former overseers and slave catchers. 

The heirs of those same ignorant dullards have now earned college degrees; some as journalists, put on expensive suits, learned to speak their insanity in complete sentences while imitating intelligent syntax and have become conservative talk show and media lords. And God help us, they have found people as demented as they are to follow them – lemmings looking for the nearest cliff to pitch themselves from totally blinded by Republican BS.


If I sound cynical and even a bit perturbed, forgive me. I have great difficulty understanding how anyone in America can be rooting for another Republican administration after 20-years of Republican rule only slightly interrupted by a Bill Clinton presidency. In fact, when Clinton left office at the end of eight years of 

Democratic rule, America enjoyed a surplus; at the end of eight years with George Bush, who I voted for once (it would take too long to explain), we have over a trillion dollar deficit, a lot of rich corporate CEO’s and an economy that it will take God to fix.


But what really pisses me off in this scenario is that these Republican attack dogs are attacking the very people trying to fix the current situation – the ones they left behind. Why are they attacking them? Because the Democrats, free from the brain damage inflicted on Republicans, refuse to use the same formula for failure that created the mess we are in. Is that madness or what!


Someone once said, I believe it was Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” At least I believe that is the quote. If I got it wrong, go get Joe the Plumber to fix it. Oh, I forgot, he is busy fixing the Republican Party. In a sense, that explains everything.


I tell you: Comedians couldn’t make this stuff up.  

Tags: black political economy

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