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Op/Ed: Barack Obama: The New Commander and Chief

Quinn Conyers

(BALTIMORE - December 21, 2008) - On January 20, 2008 the world will be under the leadership of the first African American president. Before we sing, dance and think the problems for the Black community are over, lets look at the situation from a realistic perspective. People of all colors have the right and rejoice and celebrate this historic accomplishment. Furthermore, older Americans can appreciate Barack Obama’s candidacy to presidency years after Jim Crow Laws and other racist activity in America.

We must also understand that Obama must clean up 8 years of America’s lies, deceit and deception under the Bush administration.  As we celebrate the night of January 20, 2008 we must also keep him in prayer. Change is something people do not always accept easily. There were many tears of joy when Barack Obama was named the official president elect back on November 4, 2008. However, tears of anger, defeat and disbelief also consumed many Americans as they wanted John McCain to be the new leader of the United States.

Leading fifty states is not a job to be taken likely. You rarely have sick days and the problems of society become an intimate part of your reality. As president you are charged with fixing problems that have been in existence for years. Your are asked to remove temporary band-aid solutions  that are no longer  sufficient for hunger, homelessness, health care and other issues making America deteriorate. He will have to continue to be a family man and husband even if that mean missing his daughters Christmas plays or sports games.

So where does Barack Obama begin? There are so many issues that need attention. The war in Iraq, education, the economy and the health care system are just a few of society’s issues that deserve immediate concentration. That’s where planning and patience comes along. Barack Obama has a plan to attack each of the major issues affecting America. Patience, understanding and non-immediate gratification is where the people come in to play.

 We must understand that tackling these issues will take time and might not truly be touched in totality in years. Second, America must comprehend that what Obama is trying to rectify will not be immediate. Living in a society with immediate gratification, many Americans are accustomed to getting what they want quick, fast and in a hurry. This will not be the case as many of the problems America has accrued, have taken years to build. A day, month or year many not be enough time to sufficiently develop the proper solution. Lastly, we must be patient. We must hold Barack Obama accountable for the things and issues he promised to change throughout his campaign. However we must be realistic with out requests and remain supportive when America doubts him.

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Quinn Conyers is a talk show host, entrepreneur and professional speaker. She received her M.A from Howard University where she studied Mass Communication and Media Studies with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. She is passionate about young people, politics and leadership. She can be contacted directly at


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