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Letter to Editor: MEET Jamel Yates, Aspiring Entrepreneur

jamel yates
Jamel Yates

Good Morning:

My name is Jamel Yates, I am a 27-year old aspiring entrepreneur. I recently stumbled across and after browsing both and I feel like you are the correct person to talk to about breaking in to the Baltimore black business scene. A little more about myself: I am originally from Newark, New Jersey and have been living in Baltimore since 2008. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs. My mother is the founder and CEO of Technology Concepts Group International, an IT equipment leasing firm. I work with my father; his company is Yates Electronic Systems. We install video surveillance systems, burglar alarms, Point-of-Sale systems for restaurants and retail stores, and Ethernet data networks as well as other electronic systems. Being a black father and son team we take great pride in our work and reputation. We use only professional grade equipment and offer fast professional service at affordable rates.

For the past five years, I have been traveling between Baltimore and New Jersey, sometimes as often as biweekly to hone my skill as a electrical technician but still live in the city I fell in love with. At this stage, I am prepared to expand the business to this area and that is the reason for this email. I am a firm believer in Black cooperative economics for the betterment of our Community and I am hoping you can advise me on what steps to take for meeting and building professional relationships with other black professionals and businesses in the area. I am also interested in joining an organization with the mission of expanding black businesses, decreasing unemployment and revitalizing our struggling community.

It is my goal to be the example for young black men that entrepreneurship is the best way to make it in this society, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, and there are other avenues open to us besides entertaining, crime or a life of poverty. I plan to bring about a change through business opportunities and community service. Any assistance or advice you can share with me would be of great value. My business website is and email is Thank you for your time and I hope I can meet with you in the near future.


Jamel A. Yates

RESUME Jamel A. Yates 862 Park Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201 (410)-598-8438

PROFILE An experienced security technician with the desire to further my career and knowledge of CCTV, security, fire notification and access control systems. Experience working with the public, adept at learning new concepts, great interpersonal skills, a self starter and entrepreneurial minded. Interested in working in fast paced environment with opportunity for advancement.

EDUCATION Apprentice for fully licensed technician with over 30+ years of experience: • Job planning and layout • Experienced in all phases of network cabling and termination • Hardware mounting, installation and programming for security, access control and fire notification systems • Installation of analog and PTZ cameras • Camera positioning for best possible surveillance • DVR set-up and programming for remote and local viewing • CCTV LAN and WAN communications • CAT5e and CAT6 data patching and terminations • Electronics system malfunction diagnosis • Installation and set-up of new software • PC building and programming for CCTV, Point-of-Sale, and personal use

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) – Exton, Pennsylvania • Graduated with diploma in Automotive Technology 07/2005 • Training included 1,530 hours in various automotive repair subjects • Student-of-Course Award in “Electronic Fundamentals”

Hillside High School – Hillside, New Jersey • Graduated with diploma in General Studies 06/2004

EMPLOYMENT Yates Electronic Systems 2009-Present • CCTV installation and maintenance • Burglar alarm installation and maintenance • Fire Notification system installation and maintenance • Access Control systems • Data Networking • Point-Of-Sale system set-up and programming • Small business management • PC malfunction diagnosis and repair • OS and software installation • Hardware installation and programming

Various Restaurants (Red Lobster, M&S Grill) 2003-Present • Successfully developed excellent interpersonal skills resulting from interacting with the public and providing great customer service • Learned to work under pressure. Quickly and efficiently

Honda Technician (Autosport Honda, Heritage Honda) 2005-2009 • Diagnosed and repaired Honda vehicles. • Developed talent working with hands, critical thinking, and working under time constraints VARIOUS PROJECTS Sunoco Logistics Newark Bulk Terminal: • Installation of Pelco Spectra coaxitron dome cameras. • Replace and perform necessary programming for Pelco DX-2000M DVR and Pelco CM6800 matrix switcher as well as install misc. keyboards, monitors, and power supply due to water damage. • Replace damaged cabling using RJ-59 terminated with BNC connectors. • Set up IRIS for Sunoco corporate security monitoring

Heights Beer & Wine Emporium: • 30 hi-res camera system using two 16 channel Digital Watchdog stand-alone DVRs and text capture interface for POS • 4 PC-based Point-Of-Sale terminals plus one server built from scratch installed with LiquorPOS and Window 7 • Ran CAT5e from DVRs to each camera for power and video through balun connectors • Programmed DVRs for client specific recording schedule and remote viewing • LAN network set up for communication between POS stations and server • Setup up for DVR remote viewing via smartphone and tablet

Apartment Building 500 W. 7th st Plainfield, NJ: • Replace entire fire detection system using NFPA-72 guidelines • Install and programming Honeywell FLMS-5UD3 fire panel for central monitoring and zone naming • Run and terminate fire wiring • Installed and tested 16 smoke detectors, 3 heat detectors, and 5 horn/strobes

Total Support Medical Office: • Run 49 total CAT6 plenum drops including data and telephone in open construction building • Terminate drops at wall jacks and patch panel using 568B and tested for proper performance • Run RJ-59 for 4 cable televisions and terminated with BNC connectors • Install 14 camera CCTV system using hi res cameras and stand alone 16ch Digital Watchdog DVR • Programmed DVR for client specific recording schedule and mobile viewing and local viewing over LAN • Install custom burglar alarm consisting of Napco 1632 panel, 4 protected doors, 2 motion sensors, 2 keypads, 1 wireless receiver, indoor and outdoor sirens • Run quad wire, installed components, tested for proper performance, programmed for client specific zones and delays and central monitoring • Install and program addressable fire detection system according to NFPA-72 using Firelite MS-9050UD addressable panel, 8 smoke detectors, 3 heat sensors, 4 pull stations, and 13 horn/strobes • Run and terminate fire wiring, install components, set addresses and test for proper performance

Marte Wine & Liquors: • Build and program 3 PC-based Point-of-Sale terminals using Windows XP Pro and LiquorPOS • Set up LAN for POS communications • Install 32 camera CCTV system using hi res cameras and PC-based DVR using Windows XP Pro and Eagle Eye EX-CN 32-480 capture card and set client specific recording schedule • Run CAT5e from DVR to each camera for power and video using balun connectors • Install custom burglar alarm consisting of Napco 1632 panel, 5 protected doors, 3 motion detectors, 3 hold up buttons, 2 keypads, 1 wireless receiver, indoor and outdoor sirens • Run quad wire, installed components, tested for proper performance, programmed for client specific zones and delays and central monitoring

St. Helena School: • Install and program 5 access controlled doors using Keri SM-2000 stand alone modules, 600lbs magnetic locks, card readers, and RTE devices • Install and program Aiphone GT audio/video intercom system to work in conjunction with magnetic locks and access control system

Misc. Project: • Purchased and programmed Honeywell Vista20P burglar alarm panel for research and development using basic Honeywell components • Practiced setting zones, changing delays, user and installer codes .

REFERENCES Furnished upon request

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