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Home > The Glover Report > The Glover Report: Gilmor Elementary School Has No Library Books! THUGISH Behavior in Baltimore City Public Schools: #freddiegray

The Glover Report: Gilmor Elementary School Has No Library Books! THUGISH Behavior in Baltimore City Public Schools: #freddiegray

(Photo - Facebook) - The library at Gilmor Elementary School has no books.

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE - REVISED - October 14, 2015) - You'd think folks would have learned after Baltimore City saw its first riot in 47 years. You'd think those in charge would think, "Hmmm - let's do all we can do to avert another one." Right? On my way to our Executive Board meeting for Sandtown-Winchester United, I get the call saying that Gilmor Elementary School has no books in the library.

This is the public school closest to "Freddie Gray" - right across the street from Gilmor Homes, the same school that got a new principal just 2 weeks before school started in September. THIS is a classic example of the benign neglect placed on poor black and brown communities. Honestly, it makes no damn sense.

The whole leadership at Baltimore City Public Schools needs to be removed for allowing this THUGish ...... behavior to persist.

You remember the use of the word "thug" during "Freddie Gray" and the uprising? This is the term that our beloved mayor and president called our young people who were acting out. Thugs! I get it! But if a thug is a violent criminal, then that too describes the decision-makers who have allowed a library in Baltimore City to have no books. Word on the street is that it is not the only school library that is in poor shape in my hometown.

This is tremendously baffling as Presidential candidate Martin J. O'Malley tells the world how great our schools are. Yeah, right!

It is even more egregious when one considers that some $13 billion has been collected through the Maryland State Lottery since 1973 "to support the state, including public health, public safety, education and the environment."

Apparently, somebody has forgotten the mission of the lottery. Apparently, state legislators have been lying to us and stealing from our children. Pardon me if I am wrong, but theft occurs when somebody takes another person's property without asking. At the end of the day, this poor learning environment produces some of the worst educational products in the state who too many times, sad to say, land in adult prisons. The zip code 21217 is a leading producer of Maryland inmates. Gilmor is in 21217, the 40th state legislative district and the 7th City Council district.

Really and truly, I hope Gilmor Elementary gets immediate attention, because, Lord knows, we don't want any more thugs.

Kudos to Ivy Richards and Louise Sutherland for taking the lead on collecting books for Gilmor.  #freddiegray

Tags: The Glover Report: Gilmor Elementary School Has No Library Books! THUGISH Behavior in Baltimore City Public Schools: #freddiegray

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Phillip Bass
Oct 15, 2015 8:45am [ 1 ]

If knowledge is power, then this is a clear action to negate any Possibility of intellectual growth.

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